The Browns Diamond Investment Programme

For centuries purchasing a diamond has been an emotional and important occasion. At Browns we ensure that your diamond investment is safe with us so that you are free to enjoy and celebrate this very special time.

When you buy a diamond from Browns you can rest assured that our 4 step programme will safeguard your investment today making sure that it will continue to reward you for a lifetime.

Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee

When you purchase a diamond from Browns The Diamond Store you will receive a Browns Jewellery Certificate. This Documents the characteristics of your diamond allowing us to offer you a lifetime authenticity guarantee. This guarantee does not cover wear and tear nor the replacement of stones where claws have been bent.

Unique Identity

Browns jewellery which qualifies is engraved with unique identity number. This Individual number allows us to trace your diamond’s history from source to the finished piece. At Browns we subscribe to Kimberley Process and support Fair Trade, and therefore you can rest assured that your diamond comes from a legitimate source.

Grow Your Diamond

We offer a unique Diamond Upgrade programme which allows you to reset your engagement ring either utilizing your centre diamond in new setting or you may exchange your diamond for a larger or more valuable one and only pay the difference. This is a practical and easy way of growing your diamonds.

Buy-Back Guarantee

At Browns we have such confidence in the quality and value of our diamonds that we offer a 5 year Buy-Back Guarantee on diamond jewellery with a 1carat diamond or more. This means that should you wish to sell your diamond jewellery after 5 years we will buy it back from you for at least the price you paid for it. A handling fee applies.

Terms & Conditions

Only certain serialized and certified items of jewellery qualify for the Diamond Investment Programme. Check your printed invoice to confirm that your jewellery qualifies. The letters “DIP” printed on your invoice indicates that the item you have chosen qualifies for the Grow Your Diamond programme. The letters “BB” confirm that your piece qualifies for the Buy-Back programme. An email from Browns will be sent within a month of purchase, this qualifies your purchase for the Buy-Back Guarantee and should be stored safely.

To Grow Your Diamond we require the price of the new item to be at least double the price of the original item. Should a gemologist not be available in-store at the time of the requested exchange, the diamond may be required to be sent to our gemologist for testing.

The Buy-Back Guarantee is valid for a period of 3 months after initial 5 year period has passed. Jewellery which was purchased on sale, special order or custom designs are not eligible.

Transactions may only be conducted with the original store of purchase. All certificates and original invoices must accompany the item. A levy of 10% applies to jewellery with up to 3 diamonds. Jewellery with more than 3 diamonds will incur a higher levy. Should the item require additional work to restore it to its original condition an additional charge will be incurred for the account of the client. All jewellery, which has been exchanged through the Diamond Investment Programme, is reconditioned and recorded as “Estate” jewellery in our inventory. This description will be printed on the sales invoice at the time of the purchase.

The following diamond jewellery is currently eligible for an upgrade:

  • Rings: 0.25 carats and up (centre diamond weight).
  • Pendants: 0.25 carats and up (solitaire pendants only).
  • Diamond Stud Earrings: 0.40 carats total weight and up (solitaire studs only).
  • Bracelets: Only the Browns Traditional Tennis Bracelet of 3 carats and up.
  • Necklaces: Only the Browns Traditional Tennis Necklace of 5 carats and up.
  • Journey Pendants: Only the classic “S” Journey Pendant.