South African Diamonds

The Diamond industry Is highly complex and unlike most others. Ever since diamonds were first discovered here they have been mined and then sent in their rough form to other parts of the world for cutting and polishing. As a result of this there are almost no diamonds which are actually cut and polished in South Africa as the highly specialist skills and equipment required are not readily available.

Diamonds are one of our country’s greatest sources of wealth however, much of this wealth is lost when South African rough diamonds are sent abroad for processing. The South African government is actively pursuing ways in which we can increase the level of diamonds which are cut and polished locally.

This program is of national importance and Browns actively supports the endeavour. As such we have been involved in putting together strategies with Government and other Institutions to initiate programs which would support the beneficiation of diamonds locally.

Part of the government’s plans to make opportunities for local diamond beneficiation is to raise public awareness, of the challenges which face the local diamond industry as well as building South African diamonds as a brand.

As we continue in our quest to source diamonds which have been mined and polished in South Africa we have created our South African Diamond logo to guarantee a stone’s origins. When you purchase a diamond from Browns, this logo is placed on the Certificate of Authenticity whenever the origin of the diamond can be certified as 100% South African