Our 10 Points of Difference

1. Only Investment Quality Diamonds

Only Investment Quality Diamonds

2. Unique Signature Designs

The Browns Protea Ring®


This is one of our signature registered designs. As its name suggests, this collection is inspired by one of South Africa’s most unique and beautiful national treasures, The King Protea (Protea Cynaroides).The largest of the protea family, and South Africa’s national flower, the King Protea is widely found throughout the Cape Floral Region. Stretching from the south-western and southern areas of the Western Cape, from the Cedarberg up to just east of Grahamstown, this important floral kingdom is a major global biodiversity hotspot as well as a Unesco World Heritage site.
As in nature, the secret to perfection is the balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty. The Browns Protea Setting considers both function and form. Petals cradle and protect whilst optimal light enhances the diamond’s brilliance and scintillation.


The Browns Angel Halo Collection™

Every piece in this designer collection carries a secret hidden Browns Angel. The Browns Angel symbolizes a promise of guidance and protection for the wearer. No halo is ever truly complete without an Angel.


The Browns 1934 Collection™

This collection was named 1934 as a tribute to 80 years of fine craftsmanship. In celebration of our 80th year and our family heritage, we introduced this vintage inspired design.

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80 Years of Craftmanship

3. Design Studio

Design your own diamond engagement ring and our master craftsmen will bring it to life. Be involved in every step of the creative process and have your very own “one of a kind” piece crafted to your personal requirements. During the initial consultation, we establish what you desire – the emotions, feelings and messages that the piece should represent. Whether you draw your inspiration from online, wish to modify an existing design, a hand sketch, or just wish to exercise your creative flair, we guide you to create just what you long for.

Trusted since 1934, Browns is a family owned company with many years of experience and heritage in the jewellery industry. We carefully balance the use of cutting edge technology such as 3D printing and combine it with highly skilled craftsmen to create pieces which are both intricate and use only the finest quality gemstones.

The Browns Design Studio is a market leader in providing bespoke services. We are here to help bring your vision to life and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Should you wish to know more about our Design Studio process or would like to begin the journey of being the creator behind your own unique piece, please visit us in store or contact us at our Workshop located in Johannesburg.

4. 5 Year Buy Back

At Browns we have such confidence in the quality and value of our diamonds that we offer a 5 year Buy-Back Guarantee on diamond jewellery with a 1 carat diamond or more. This means that should you wish to sell your diamond jewellery after 5 years we will buy it back from you for at least the price you paid for it.Terms and conditions apply.

5. Grow Your Diamond

The Diamond Investment Programme allows you to reset your engagement ring either utilising your centre diamond in a new setting or you may exchange your diamond for a larger more valuable one only paying the difference.

6. Unique ID No.

Each piece of diamond jewellery engraved with a unique identity number allows us to trace your diamond’s history from source to finished piece. At Browns we subscribe to the Kimberley Process and support Fair Trade, therefore you can have peace of mind that your diamond comes from a legitimate source.

7. Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee

When you purchase your diamond from Browns you will receive a Browns Jewellery Certificate. This documents the characteristics of your diamond allowing us to offer you a lifetime authenticity guarantee on the quality of your diamond.

8. Price Match Guarantee

We believe that we can offer you peace of mind that you are getting the best quality diamonds at the fairest prices. In most cases, we expect to have the lowest price, but can typically match a price if the competitor’s price is lower for a diamond of comparable quality and characteristics. Visit our store or call us on (011) 438 7937 to enquire. Click here for full T&Cs.

9. Diamonds Do Good – Our Social Responsibility

“At Browns we endeavor to strike a balance between our business interests and the responsibility we feel towards the environment, our workers and the community. To this end we have involved ourselves in a number of projects enabling us to give back to our community, our country and the world” – Larry Brown, Director“It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

As a truly South African company we have made an active move towards aligning our vision with that of the late great visionary and leader- Madiba. This vision and spirit of leaving a positive impact runs like a golden thread throughout our organization.

We have taken a holistic approach to bringing Madiba’s legacy to life within our organization and as a result have a variety of initiatives that we are proud to support. Our Teddy Bear Campaign is one of these and has enabled us to bring a smile to children less fortunate than our own.

We made it a goal to donate 1,000 teddies annually to orphans, disabled, impoverished or abused children nationwide. We furthermore created the opportunity for all of our employees to get involved. We invite nominations for orphanages or care facilities within our own communities to receive bears over the festive season. Groups of our staff then personally take the teddies to these children. We have been achieving our goal and the campaign is thriving with the introduction of a different teddy each year. To date our staff have donated in excess of 10,000 teddy bears to hospitals and orphanages across the country.

Festive Season Bears

Another project we are proud to support is our Plumtree Project. Whenever a client purchases an engagement ring from Browns, we plant a fruit tree in low-income households. This offers our clients the opportunity to celebrate their love and commemorate their engagement by giving back to our communities and the environment.

Plumtree Project

At Browns, we are privileged to become a part of our clients’ unique stories every day and for us, the spirit of Madiba is honoured year round through various initiatives. As Madiba did, we stay committed to our vision of touching lives and leaving the world a better place.

10. More Reasons

Insurance Claims Services

At Browns, we understand how stressful and traumatic it can be to go about processing a claim after an incident. To assist you with this process, we have a dedicated department focused solely on assisting you as our valued client with all your insurance claims requirements. We will hold your hand, and walk you through the process until completion and are committed to ensuring that you are put back in the position you originally were in. Please contact us at our support office or visit a store and one of our Browns Ambassadors will be on hand to assist you.

South African Diamonds & Gold

The Diamond industry is highly complex and unlike most others. Ever since diamonds were first discovered here they have been mined and then sent in their rough form to other parts of the world for cutting and polishing. As a result of this there are almost no diamonds which are actually cut and polished in South Africa as the highly specialist skills and equipment required are not readily available.

Diamonds are one of our country’s greatest sources of wealth however, much of this wealth is lost when South African rough diamonds are sent abroad for processing. The South African government is actively pursuing ways in which we can increase the level of diamonds which are cut and polished locally.

This program is of national importance and Browns actively supports the endeavour. As such we have been involved in putting together strategies with Government and other Institutions to initiate programs which would support the beneficiation of diamonds locally.

Part of the government’s plans to make opportunities for local diamond beneficiation is to raise public awareness, of the challenges which face the local diamond industry as well as building South African diamonds as a brand.

Green Gold

As we continue in our quest to source diamonds which have been mined and polished in South Africa we have created our South African Diamond logo to guarantee a stone’s origins. When you purchase a diamond from Browns, this logo is placed on the Certificate of Authenticity whenever the origin of the diamond can be certified as 100% South African

At Browns we endeavour to strike a balance between our business interests and the obligations we owe towards the environment, our workers and the community. Being both socially and environmentally responsible is important to us. To this end we have involved ourselves in a number of projects enabling us to give back to our community, our country and the world. All our diamond suppliers adhere strictly to the Kimberley Process and guarantee the supply of tanzanite and diamonds from conflict-free zones.

Browns only uses ‘Responsible Gold’, this is gold which has followed the ‘Chain of Custody’ requirements consistent with the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas. It further complies with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Responsible Gold Guidance and the World Gold Council certification of ‘Conflict-Free’ gold.