Social Responsibility

“At Browns we endeavor to strike a balance between our business interests and the responsibility we feel towards the environment, our workers and the community. To this end we have involved ourselves in a number of projects enabling us to give back to our community, our country and the world” – Larry Brown, Director

“It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

As a truly South African company we have made an active move towards aligning our vision with that of the late great visionary and leader- Madiba. This vision and spirit of leaving a positive impact runs like a golden thread throughout our organization.

We have taken a holistic approach to bringing Madiba’s legacy to life within our organization and as a result have a variety of initiatives that we are proud to support. Our Teddy Bear Campaign is one of these and has enabled us to bring a smile to children less fortunate than our own.

Plumtree Project

We made it a goal to donate 1,000 teddies annually to orphans, disabled, impoverished or abused children nationwide. We furthermore created the opportunity for all of our employees to get involved. We invite nominations for orphanages or care facilities within our own communities to receive bears over the festive season. Groups of our staff then personally take the teddies to these children. We have been achieving our goal and the campaign is thriving with the introduction of a different teddy each year. To date our staff have donated in excess of 10 000 teddy bears to hospitals and orphanages across the country.

Another project we are proud to support is our Plumtree Project. Whenever a client purchases an engagement ring from Browns, we plant a fruit tree in low-income households. This offers our clients the opportunity to celebrate their love and commemorate their engagement by giving back to our communities and the environment.

At Browns, we are privileged to become a part of our clients’ unique stories every day and for us, the spirit of Madiba is honoured year round through various initiatives. As Madiba did, we stay committed to our vision of touching lives and leaving the world a better place.