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A creative idea needs brilliant design and immaculate craftsmanship.
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Our guiding design principles of balance and proportion ensure that each of our signature jewellery collections is a work of art and is timelessly elegant.
The Pink Angel Diamond Collection
Featuring a rose gold Guardian Angel® which serves as the ultimate reminder and message of love.
The Protea Tennis Bracelet Collection
Inspired by our national flower, the Protea, this diamond tennis bracelet features distinct petals with our signature rose gold baskets.
The Pink Angel Halo Collection
A timeless classic, this halo setting features our signature Guardian Angel® because every angel needs a halo.
The Royal Tanzanite Collection
With its finite source, from only one place in the world, acquiring a piece of Tanzanite is the privilege of only one generation.
The Protea Cluster Collection
A unique centre diamond that is surrounded by 8 perfectly matched smaller stones. This creates a dazzling bouquet of diamonds.
The Protea Solitaire® Collection
This quintessentially South African setting mirrors the distinctive petals of the Protea flower. Nestled within each Protea is a natural diamond of superlative quality hand selected from less than 2% of the worlds diamonds. Our Protea is a recognisable design coveted by those who appreciate and value design and authenticity.
The Protea Full Bloom Collection
Bold and striking, yet delicate and feminine; this collection echoes the joy of all the flowers youve ever received.
The Bold Gold Collection
Inspired by todays dynamic and confident women, this collection is contemporary and versatile and is the ultimate everyday wear.
The Sapphire Collection
A symbol of wisdom and serenity and traditionally sourced from Ceylon, Africa has recently discovered its very own Sapphires of superior quality.
The Ruby Collection
Symbolic of passion and love, Rubies with their deep sultry hue, have long been revered as gifts of love.
The Emerald Collection
Green by naturesymbolising growth, healing and fertilitythis precious gemstone encourages reflection, peace and balance.
The Protea Trilogy Collection
Inspired by love, these three deeply symbolic diamonds celebrate your past, present and future.
The Journey Collection
Diamonds set in a graduated sequence mirrors how love grows and becomes more meaningful over time.
The Safari Collection
This collection captures the mysterious Spirit of Africa through the use of natures diverse splendour.
The Protea Pearls Collection
“Pearls are always appropriate.”
Jackie O
The Morganite Collection
Considered one of our rare African gemstones, the rose-coloured Morganite is a feminine gem enhanced by a rose gold setting. It is said that looking at a Morganite improves your mood and those who wear it opt for la vie en rose, life through rose coloured glasses.
The Butterfly Collection
“Just living is not enough”, said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Andersen
The Cognac Diamond Collection
The Tsavorite Collection
1000 more rare than an Emerald, and often considered by experts to be more beautiful too. So beautiful and clear that some say what the emerald could be. this African gemstonefocus on beauty and rarity.
Premier Jewellery
An exquisite display of rare gemstones and exceptional craftsmanship.